Hayden Lake Family Fun Shoot

A fun day at the range with residents of Hayden Lake, Idaho. Special thanks to Matt Laughlin of Inside Hayden Lake magazine for the event and the pizza and a very special thanks to staff, Rick James, Ryan Dawson, Ryan Stampe, Darcy Kemp, Bob Smith for all the help and of course a big "thank you" to Fernan Rod and Gun Club for donating three ranges. To all the participants...we loved meeting you guys and you all did a great job as safe, responsible shooters.

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Mastering the Revolver, Illinois, 2013

Students train in skills unique to running a revolver quickly, getting good shots, and fast reloads.

Firearms Training, Low-Light, Flashlight Night Shoot, Illinois, 2013

Training in low light or no light conditions is critical. Everything changes with the lighting. Student here learned to adapt to various light conditions such as low light, ambient light, front and back lit targets and no light at all working instead with an assortment of flashlight techniques. Train the way it will happen. Too many of us go out to practice in only the best of conditions. Student also had an opportunity to check their defensive ammo for muzzle flash...that was enlightening (pun intended)

Defensive Pistol Class, Illinois, 2013

A full day of firearms instruction covering the fundamentals of handgun safety, marksmanship, and defensive use of a pistol. Students train on proper technique for accurate shot placement, drawing from a holster, emergency reloads, and malfunction clearing. This is a wonderful introduction to self defense pistol craft for the concealed carry permit holder or anyone who keeps a gun in the home for self defense.

Combat Pistol, Massad Ayoob\'s MAG-20, Idaho, 2013

We just finished up a Combat Pistol class here in Idaho for Massad Ayoob\'s MAG-20R, his live fire range portion of his MAG-40 class. Mas will be here in Idaho on Sept 7-8 to do the classroom portion of the program but meanwhile here are some photos from this least of the students that could be photographed.

Advanced Handgun Skill, Illinois, 2013

Firearms students train in advanced shooting skills and techniques for the handgun, improving both speed and accuracy.

Massad Ayoob MAG-40, Illinois, April, 2013

Massad Ayoob, with staff firearms instructors Bob Houzenga and Andy Kemp, train with students in the judicious use of force and live-fire handgun training at the Illinois State Rifle Association range in Kankakee. Students trained in various shooting techniques and rules of engagement for law abiding civilians.

Advanced Handgun Skills, Illinois, 2012

This is advanced firearms training and skill development. From super fast draw techniques to multiple targets and shooting from positions of disadvantage, this course trains the student to blend speed and accuracy.

Idaho Night/Low Light Firearms Training, 2012

This class is all about operating in low light conditions. Students work with flashlights, ambiant light, and no light at all. This class was filled with Military Firearms Instructors who understand the importance of defensive handgun techniques under these adverse lighting conditions.

Tactical Carbine Bloomington IL 2012

Two day Carbine Program provides students with both basic marksmanship,safety and operational skills,as well as some advanced techniques for use of a Carbine or Rifle for self-defense. These MTG students are training on various shooting positions,use of optics,accounting for offset shooting while moving and transitioning from Carbine to handgun.

Tactical Carbine & Rifle Idaho 2012

An intensive two day program geared to assist the civilian, military, or law enforcement carbine operater in mastering the subtle nuances of the urban rifle techniques. This particular class was composed of Military Instructors...we are very happy to know these guys are protecting us.

Northwest Firearms Training, Combat Pistol in Idaho, July, 2012

Self defense handgun instruction. Proper grip, stance, trigger control, sight picture, marksmanship, and drawing from the holster. Loading and unloading, speed reloading, and shooting under stress.

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Advanced Tactical Pistol Class, Illinois – July 2011

Tactical application of a handgun for self defense. Includes home search techniques, flashlight techiques, shooting while moving, engaging multiple targets, proper use of cover, shooting from and around vehicles.

Northwest Firearms Training, Idaho, Combat Pistol, 2011

Practical self defense handgun techniques. Students train on grip, stance, trigger control, marksmanship, safety, and shooting from cover positions. This class counts as the range portion for Massad Ayoob\'s MAG 40 program.

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