MTG Combat Pistol, $350

Title: MTG Combat Pistol, $350
Location: Darnall’s Gun Range, Bloomington, IL
Link out: Click here
Description: This two-day class is Massad Ayoob’s live-fire range work and covers the fundamentals of shooting and quickly moves into more advanced skills. Ideal for new shooters and novices. Instructors take these techniques back to their students. All techniques are proven to work under the pressure and stress of the “fight or flight” adrenal dump that occurs during a lethal confrontation. Safety, marksmanship, trigger control, fundamentals of stance and grip, close quarters skills, proper draw from a holster, speed reloads, and one-hand techniques are just some of the topics covered. No prerequisite required.
Start Date: 2012-05-05
Start Time: 9:00a.m.
End Date: 2012-05-06
End Time: 6:00p.m.

A Little Gunsmithing

Just finished a Caspian Commander Length .45 in Stainless.

I’ve been installing a few of these lately. Cominolli manual safety on a Glock 26.

Massad Ayoob’s MAG-20 Live Fire

We just had Mas in Illinois a couple of weeks ago to teach the classroom portion of his program.  The MTG Combat Pistol class is coming up May 14-15.  This is Mas’ program (MAG-20 Live Fire) and completes the MAG-40 program if you have already done Ayoob’s classroom work.  Bob and I will be teaching the class.  I’m looking forward to coming back to Illinois to teach again with Bob, much as I love Idaho.

We love teaching Mas’ program.  It really is one of the best two-day firearms training programs out there.  Great for shooters of all levels.

Hope to see some familiar faces along with the new ones.  See you all soon.

Idaho Concealed Carry Class

Firearms Instructor Andy Kemp discusses particulars of revolver reloads with Idaho CCW student John Grimaldi

Well, we just did another training class for the Idaho CCW permit.  It was nice to see a revolver shooter show up amidst all the Glocks and XDs and 1911s that we see on the range so often.

Unlike some of the other handguns at the class, the revolver always went “bang” when it was supposed to.  The long double-action trigger proved to be no problem at all for John, as evidenced by his outstanding 294 out of 300 qualification.  We sometimes forget just how reliable, accurate, and easy to use a revolver can be, and with a little training you can run the trigger pretty fast and reload quickly (I refer you to Bob Houzenga’s video on this web site).  I love all the advances, technology, custom pistols, hi-cap mags, fancy sights, etc…but an old-fashion revolver with plain old sights still gets the job done.

Massad Ayoob in Illinois

April 9-10   Massad Ayoob will be in Illinois teaching Judicious Use of Force, the 2-day classroom portion of his MAG-40 program.

This is an amazing class and we think a “must have” for anyone serious about firearms training and who keeps or carries a gun for self defense.

Those of you who have taken this class with Mas thru MTG or LFI-1 understand how important this information will be should you, God forbid, ever be confronted with the split second decision to use deadly force.  It really is a critical componant of any firearms training program and we are thrilled to have Mas come back to Illinois.

We will be teaching the live fire range portion of his MAG 40 class in May under the banner MTG Combat Pistol

Sneak Peak at First MTG 1911 Pistol

Bob is near completion on the first MTG 1911 pistol.  This one was built with IDPA in mind…9mm with red optic front sight and adjustable rear sights, a 2 1/4 lb trigger, ideal for ESP division.  A carry version might use a fixed rear sight, night sights, and a heavier trigger.  Here are the particulars.

Serial #MTG 2011  Price as is: $2500

Caspian stainless steel race ready frame with tactical mag cut and 22 LPI checkered frontstrap Serial Number MTG 2011
Caspian stainless steel 5″ slide flat topped, serrated, and beveled.
Caspian extractor & ejector
KART National match ramped barrel and bushing
Cylinder & Slide Fire control parts
STI ambi safety
STI carbon fiber match trigger
Ed Brown beavertail
Ed Brown checkered extended mag release
Wilson slide release
Harrison plunger tube
Kensight (Bo-Mar BCMS repro) rear sight
Dawson Precision fiber optic front
Chip McCormick Cocobolo grips
Frame to slide hand fit and lapped
KART NM barrel & bushing hand fit
Trigger job set at 2 1/4 lbs
Rear of slide hand serrated @ 50 LPI and the rounds are bead blasted and the flats lovingly polished by hand for a nice two tone effect.

Functionality:  Bob ran about 400 assorted rounds thru this without a single hiccup.

Idaho Firearms Training

Firearms Training in Idaho

Firearms training in Idaho sometimes means snow and cold but that didn’t stop 20-year-old Marilee James.  Keeping the skill levels up means regular trigger time…even if sessions are shorter or less frequent as summer sessions.  I’ve noticed dropoffs in my development when I’ve taken the winter off and found it much easier to shake off the cobwebs and get up to speed when I’ve spent the occassional cold day on the range during the winter months.

We should also consider that we carry in the winter and should be prepared to work under those conditions i.e. gloved hands or cold hands, heavy jackets, etc.

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