Northwest & Midwest Firearms Training, Firearms Classes in Illinois, Iowa and Idaho

Professional Firearms Instruction in Handgun and Rifle for Civilians, Military, and Law Enforcement

Firearms Training Classes in Handgun and Rifle are offered regularly in Illinois and Idaho by Qualified Firearms Instructors.

Do you own a firearm, carry a handgun, thinking about quality firearms instruction from skilled instructors or keeping a gun for self-defense?

Firearms training by qualified firearms instructors is the next logical and responsible step.

Andy Kemp and Bob HouzengaSince 1994 Midwest Training Group has been dedicated to providing safe and responsible firearms training by qualified firearms instructors.
Handgun instruction and rifle training of the highest quality is offered to both law enforcement and the private citizen.  In response to the continuing needs and requests of the serious combat shooter, programs aside from firearms instruction were expanded outside the typical shooting school norm to include peripheral weapons training and instruction such as weapon retention, knife defense, and Kubotan/Persuader classes.

MTG_TacticalAt the core of Midwest Training Group’s belief for firearms instruction is that students should be exposed to a variety of firearms instructors, firearms training doctrines, and shooting skill sets.
Since it’s inception MTG has played host to some of the nations most prestigious self-defense and firearms instructors. We have been honored to have provided courses from Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Jim Cirillo, Ken Hackathorn, Joe Truncale, and Bank Miller. Often, the availability of these noted firearms instructors in the Midwest dictates whether or not a student might ever have the opportunity to attend their classes and receive this high quality firearms instruction. This is true from a financial as well as a logistical viewpoint. MTG is proud to be the provider of such unique and gifted gun experts and firearm/self-defense trainers.

Midwest Training Group Night ShootThe composition of our firearms training classes spans all socio-economic barriers, from patrol officers and law enforcement firearms instructors to teachers, computerprogrammers to lawyers, CEOs to auto mechanics, doctors to private investigators. Advanced shooters have different objectives than the beginning and novice shooter. Some require firearms instruction because their job dictates a higher standard of care and increased proficiency; others opt for handgun training to improve their shooting competition and the personal satisfaction and achievement. Some have survived a lethal encounter; others recognize that they may one day be confronted with such an event. All have legitimate and valid needs. In recognizing these variables, every effort is made to offer firearms training that will meet the particular needs of the individual. Whatever your reason, whatever your skill level, MTG is here to assist you in finding the appropriate training.

We live and train by these basic guiding principles:

  • If you own a firearm, whether for sport or defense, in the home or carrying daily, you owe it to society, yourself, and your loved ones to handle them safely, be proficient in their use, and understand the law.
  • Everyone is unique. There is no single “Right Way”. We must find your way, the techniques and skills that work for you, within the parameters of firearms safety and good sense.
  • Train for the street. Train for life. Train like you mean it. You have probably heard it before: what you do in training you will do on the street.
  • These are perishable skills. Continue your training, practice regularly, and always evaluate what you have learned and practiced.
  • If you want to shoot fast and hit, there is no substitute for live-fire training.

Midwest Training Group RifleWe are proud to have been a part of every students firearms training. We are privileged that so many are now called “friend”.
The camaraderie amongst the MTG patrons never ceases to amaze us. We are complimented by the high percentage of return students. We are honored that many of our patrons are highly respected firearms instructors themselves. To all of you who have been part of Midwest Training Group, we thank you. To the rest, we hope to see you soon. To all, we are here to serve.

– Andy Kemp & Bob Houzenga, MTG Directors

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