Northwest & Midwest Firearms Training, Firearms Classes in Illinois, Iowa and Idaho

Coming up in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Advanced Handgun Skills Sept. 28-29

Ideal for shooters of any level from novice to very skilled and advanced.  This class was designed to let shooters of different skill levels progress to the next level for them individually.  It’s a fast paced two-day course.  You have to like to shoot.  There is no substitute for live-fire training when practicing recoil management for faster, more accurate shots.  Positions of disadvantage are also covered…shooting on your back and side to upside down on the ground.  Students train to deal with the circumstances no matter where they find themselves.  This is where you find the blend of speed and accuracy that works for you to make the shot you are trying to make, whether out to 25 yards or very close range.

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