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Idaho Concealed Carry Class

Firearms Instructor Andy Kemp discusses particulars of revolver reloads with Idaho CCW student John Grimaldi

Well, we just did another training class for the Idaho CCW permit.  It was nice to see a revolver shooter show up amidst all the Glocks and XDs and 1911s that we see on the range so often.

Unlike some of the other handguns at the class, the revolver always went “bang” when it was supposed to.  The long double-action trigger proved to be no problem at all for John, as evidenced by his outstanding 294 out of 300 qualification.  We sometimes forget just how reliable, accurate, and easy to use a revolver can be, and with a little training you can run the trigger pretty fast and reload quickly (I refer you to Bob Houzenga’s video on this web site).  I love all the advances, technology, custom pistols, hi-cap mags, fancy sights, etc…but an old-fashion revolver with plain old sights still gets the job done.

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