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Ken Hackathorn Advanced Tactical Pistol, $500

Title: Ken Hackathorn Advanced Tactical Pistol, $500
Location: Fernan Gun Club, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Description: Two full days for the novice, intermediate, and advanced shooter, starting with a focus on accuracy and trigger control exercises to build and improve marksmanship skills and then rapid presentations from both the holster and the ready positions. Emergency reloads, turns & pivots, and shooting while moving are all covered. Day 1 includes night shooting, working on all these skills in low light and/or no light conditions, plus flashlight techniques. Ken also covers tactical movement, working with concealment garments, engaging multiple targets, strong and weak hand shooting, point shooting, and plenty of testing and evaluation diagnostics and drills designed to take shooters to the next level. 700 rounds required. Prior formal training is a prerequisite.
Start Date: 2017-06-10
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 2017-06-11
End Time: 16:00