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Defensive Pistol Class

The Intro to Defensive Pistol class is the 2nd course I’ve taken from MTG. I have taken courses from other instructors. The MTG team with Andy Kemp, Bob Houzenga and Rose and Jim brings a level of professionalism this is uncomparable. They are committed to their students success. This one day course is a pack filled day (lot’s of BANG for your buck) yet MTG knows how to set a manageable pace using breaks, didactics, and humor. Most impressive is the emphasis on safety. I was amazed when Rose spotted a potential risk from a distance and swooped in to avert the risk. During my first class I had a violation that Bob spotted right away and suffice it to say I’ll never make that mistake again. I’m 60 years old with failing eyesight and only a couple of years of shooting experience but now I can shoot sub 4″ groups at 15′ with a subcompact pistol thanks to MTG
Bill Clark-Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University