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Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Class, both resident and non-resident.

Title: Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Class, both resident and non-resident.
Location: Camanche, IA
Description: Taught by certified Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor Josh Jados and MTG Directors Bob Houzenga and Andy Kemp, this two-day course includes all the Illinois State firearms training requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit…and then some. Classroom covers safety, storage, ammo selection, cleaning and care, transportation of a firearm, types of handguns and which is right for you, Illinois law as it relates to concealed carry, the FOID act, do’s and don’ts of concealed carry in Illinois, home defense, and much more. Equipment selection and methods of carry are also covered. Range time provides the students with both live fire and dry fire drills, focusing on safety, marksmanship, stance, grip, sight alignment, proper draw techniques from various positions of carry, and basic tactics. Students will have an opportunity to shoot live fire drills to hone and reinforce the fundamentals. 150 rounds required. No prerequisite required. Excellent program for brand new shooters.
Start Date: 2014-04-05
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 2014-04-06
End Time: 17:00