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Massad Ayoob coming to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Mas will be teaching his Judicious Use of Deadly Force class at the Holiday Inn Express in Hayden, Idaho on march 24-25.  This is the classroom portion of his 40 hour MAG 40 program.  We will be doing the live-fire range work in July.  Tuition is $400, please register early, the meeting room can only accomodate so many people.  Check the course section of the web site for descriptions.  Massad Ayoob is published in nearly every gun magazine, a police captain, and incredibly effective expert witness for self-defense shootings.  Also a very powerful speaker with information that most cops don’t get at the academy and most attorneys don’t get in law school….you don’t want to miss this if you keep a firearm for defense.  He is an amazing instructor.

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